Proserv Offers Green Tool for Oil and Gas; WindMade Consumer Label for All Renewables – Energy Minute

Proserv has developed a green tool for oil and gas well operations. Its Energy Efficient Wellhead Control Panel offers significant reductions in environmental waste, energy usage, and carbon emissions: up to 20 percent savings on environmental impact, according to TUV Rheinland Group, a certification firm. Proserv’s engineering team in the Middle East and North Africa developed the solar-powered panel which includes a reduced battery size with the capability for providing all the power required to operate for three days continuously in the event of “no-sun” days. The panel uses biodegradable hydraulic oil, a reduced electrical load requirement, and takes less time to manufacture. Proserv is an energy production technology services company that focuses on innovative solutions for the energy industry that use a renewable source of energy.

The WindMade organization has unveiled a new consumer label for companies and products made using renewable energy. The new label will reference a variety of renewable energy sources, including solar, geothermal, hydro power, and biomass as well as wind, to offer flexibility to companies that use multiple energy technologies. Windmade was launched in 2011 as the first global consumer label for companies powered with wind energy. Bloomberg, Motorola, and Deutsche Bank are among the companies who have already adopted the WindMade mark. The new label is supported by the UN Global Compact, WWF, Vestas Wind Systems, and the Global Wind Energy Council, the partners behind the WindMade eco-label.

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