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Offshore Wind Power Stations Fuel Renewable Energy Growth – Energy Minute for August 29, 2013

Renewable energy has been called impractical for its small scale and large expense compared to conventional power production methods. Now, one area of development is answering those criticisms by getting very big to cut costs. New offshore wind facilities now going online are equal in size to the largest gas- or coal-fired power stations. The world’s largest wind facility, the London Array, located off England’s east coast, produces 630 megawatts of capacity, equal to traditional fossil-fuel power generators. And a project 10 times that size to be located nearby is in the planning stages. Siemens, the German power systems company, estimates that there are now 3.3 gigawatts of offshore wind power connected to the European power grid. That capacity is equal to the output of a large nuclear power station. And the global market for offshore wind power is expected to grow 20 percent a year for the next few years. The economies of scale in building very large wind power plants offshore instead of on land mean that costs can come down. Siemens estimates they are declining at the rate of 40 percent a decade. There are still money issues to resolve. Costs to install and maintain offshore wind power plants are high, pricing the power produced at about triple the general wholesale power price. Subsidies are still needed to launch these innovative startups. But the new offshore wind power plants increasingly look to be a key part of the global effort to reduce carbon emissions and conserve natural resources in a world of rapidly expanding demand for power. I’m John Howell for 3BL Media. Continue reading

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Wind Turbine – Overview of Issues and in Turbine Technology

DUBLIN–()-  Wind turbines have begun to be used for electrical generation, having previously been used for agricultural and grinding purposes. Initial wind turbines had a very small capacity, as well as very low efficiency and performance standards. Wind turbines have gone through various technological advancements during the time they have been in use. Each and every component of a wind turbine has been upgraded to make wind power generation more reliable and efficient.

Multi-Megawatt (MW) wind turbines are currently in use, which are easily delivering an availability factor of 95% or higher. A number of technological changes have been made to wind turbines, all of which have resulted in the improved performance of wind power generation.

Rotor blades have seen improvements in blade aerodynamic profiles as well as improvements in blade material properties, resulting in the production of large rotor blades that have made wind turbines capable of capturing more wind power. Wind turbines used to be fitted with gearboxes with a higher gear ratio, which had high maintenance requirements and low reliability. Continue reading

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NNSA and Siemens Break Ground on Federal Government’s Largest Wind Farm

AMARILLO, Texas–()–The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) today broke ground on construction of the federal government’s largest wind farm. The ceremony was led by John Herrera, Federal Project Manager, NNSA Production Office (NPO), who was joined by Steve Erhart, Manager of the NNSA Production Office and Anne Harrington, NNSA Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation.

The NNSA awarded the contract to Siemens Government Technologies, Inc. (Siemens) to construct the Pantex wind farm which is expected to generate energy savings on average of $2.8 million annually over the 18-year contract term. The installation will consist of five 2.3 megawatt turbines located on 1,500 acres of government-owned property east of the Pantex plant in Amarillo. Continue reading

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Wind Energy Drives More Than Just Turbines

ge_windWind energy is the fastest-growing source of electricity production globally, and in the U.S., Texas ranks No. 1 for wind energy capacity. If Texas were a country, it would be sixth in the world.

Presently, Texas has 12,000 megawatts installed, which signifies a $20 billion investment in the state and creates jobs, said Elizabeth A. Salerno, director, Industry Data and Analysis, American Wind Energy Association.

“One megawatt can power 300 homes. One gigawatt can power 300,000 homes, and 12 gigawatts can power 3,600,000 homes. What many people do not understand is wind is a real power industry, and it is growing,” said Matt Guyette, chief marketing and strategy officer, GE Renewable Energy.

One indicator the industry is growing is the continual number of member companies joining the American Wind Energy Association, which today is close to 1,500.

“Ten years ago, there were less than 2,000 turbines, and today there are over 20,000. These are not your father’s turbines. These are efficient and are driving down the cost of electricity,” Guyette said.

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Small Wind Power Annual Installations Will Double in Capacity by 2018

Wind_WallpaperThe small wind turbine (SWT) industry is maturing, signaled by the expanded role of SWT certification, the existence of hundreds of manufacturers located around the world, the expansion of dealer networks, and the growing number of national and regional industry associations.  The number of applications is also growing, including applications in telecommunications, defense, and other sectors that involve producing power in remote locations.  According to a new report from Navigant Research, annual global installations of SWTs will roughly double in the next five years, growing from 86 megawatts (MW) in 2012 to 172 MW in 2018 and representing $3.3 billion in revenues. Continue reading

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Puget Sound Energy Wind Farms Post New One-Day Generating Record

BELLEVUE, Wash.–()–Nearly a quarter of the electricity Puget Sound Energy customers consumed on Tuesday came from the utility’s three wind farms, marking a new one-day production record for the PSE energy facilities.

Between midnight Monday and midnight Tuesday, the 1.1 million homes and businesses powered by PSE received 23.5 percent of their electricity from the utility’s three Eastern Washington wind farms.

“This milestone underscores the role wind power can play in meeting our energy needs,” said David Mills, PSE vice president of Energy Supply Operations. “Wind is now a key resource for providing our customers with reliable, affordable electricity. And when combined with our hydro, natural gas and coal power plants, wind gives us flexible, cost-effective options for serving local homes and businesses.” Continue reading

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Offshore Wind Transmission Project Selects Bechtel, Alstom to Build Historic Project

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC), developer of the New Jersey Energy Link, the first offshore backbone electricity transmission system proposed in the United States, will announce Thursday that it has selected major construction and design firm Bechtel as its Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contractor and international power equipment supplier Alstom as its HVDC technical advisor for this first phase of the historic Atlantic Wind Connection project. Continue reading

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Consumer Support for Clean Energy Held Steady in 2012

energy-efficient-house-mediumBOULDER, Colo.–()–After facing several challenges in 2012, including the demise of some high-profile solar energy firms, continued political inaction on climate change and energy policy, and concerns around smart grids/smart meters and consumer privacy, the U.S. clean energy industry is seeking to rebound in 2013. According to a new white paper from Pike Research, a part of Navigant’s Energy Practice, after declining sharply from 2009 to 2011, consumer support for clean energy concepts has essentially stabilized. The survey of more than 1,000 U.S. adults conducted in the fall of 2012 found that the average percentage of consumers with a “very favorable” or “favorable” view of 13 clean energy concepts stands at 42 percent. Continue reading

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