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Francesca Furzi – Going from Gold to Green

“CurrentState is a necessity for every company that is serious about going green.” Ramon Ginah, CFO Francesca Furzi.

Francesca Furzi is a luxury jeweler located in Turin, Italy. The collection of Francesca Furzi is a limited edition and each piece is numbered. Produced entirely in Italy, each piece is handcrafted with passion and commitment by experienced hands.

The Client’s Challenge

Francesca Furzi is an industrial designer and the owner of Francesca Furzi luxury jewelry line. She was born in Tuscany, grew artistically in Rome, and then professionally in major design studios of well-known automotive company. Each jewel she designs is influenced by a journey incorporating the art of sculpture, the concreteness of the technical sketch, the harmony of vehicle shapes, the world of fashion, but also by history and other cultures. Much like her dedication to art, sculpture, culture and fashion, she wants her company to find that same harmony with nature and the environment. Continue reading

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