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CSR Minute Video – FSC Certifies 70K Domtar Forest; BOA Gives $20M to CDFI’s

Domtar has completed certification of 70,000 acres of forestland in Arkansas by the Forest Stewardship Council. The award was the result of a two-year partnership process with the Four States Timberland Owners Association and its 55 landowner-members. The Canadian paper, pulp, and fiber company has set a goal of procuring 100 percent of its fiber from sources that are certified to the FSC standard. Continue reading

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The Principal Solar Institute Documents Role of Solar To Power Organic, Local Food Production

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Principal Solar, Inc., a publicly traded solar energy holding company executing a unique roll-up strategy to create the world’s first distributed solar utility, today announced the release of “Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Organic Food Supply.” Authored by James W. Keyes, chairman, Key Development LLC, R. Michael Martin, executive vice president, Business Development, PSI, and Brett T. Gage, research assistant, the paper examines how alternative energy resources, such as photovoltaic (PV), can enhance organic and local food production.

“In recent years, solar has become increasingly cost effective,” says Keyes, advisor to Principal Solar. “Organic certification requires that foods be produced without genetic modification, synthetic hormones, unsustainable practices, or use of certain substances.”

He adds that, of the various renewable energy alternatives available to fuel organic agriculture, PV solar systems are the most economical on the farm. Continue reading

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September Book Review: Brewing Change, Behind the Bean at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Written by Rick Peyser and Bill Mares, with foreword by Bob Stiller

Authors’ and publisher donations benefit Food 4 Farmers

SHELBURNE, Vt.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rick Peyser, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ (GMCR) Director of Social Advocacy and Community Outreach, was swayed by running partner and co-author Bill Mares to tell the story of Peyser’s personal journey and quiet crusade to help change the world of coffee.

Their book, Brewing Change: Behind the Bean at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
, is the inspiring result of those frequent runs and steady conversations. Brewing Change chronicles Peyser’s 24-year career with an insider’s view of GMCR, one of the largest specialty coffee companies and purchasers of certified Fair Trade coffee in the world. Brewing Change is part travelogue, part social commentary, and part motivating business model for building corporate social responsibility. Continue reading

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Keep America Beautiful – Plant Native Trees on National Planting Day

(3BL Media) Stamford, CT – September 6, 2012 - With the fall planting season now underway, national nonprofit Keep America Beautiful (KAB) is encouraging the public, municipalities and civic leaders to plant and re-plant using native species instead of exotic and ornamental plants that are less adapted to local ecosystems.

Through the first-ever National Planting Day (, which KAB has designated on this Saturday, Sept. 8, the organization hopes to raise awareness about the importance of native species in restoring balance to the local environment, while creating vibrant, more beautiful communities. Activities will be happening this weekend and throughout the fall as KAB, its affiliates and its partners mobilize Americans to plant native species of trees, flowers, and plants. Continue reading

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Mary Kay Leads Support of Texas’ Lost Pines Forest Recovery Efforts with Five-Year, $500,000 Commitment

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mary Kay Inc. has always been proud of its Texas roots and today announced a 5-year, $500,000 commitment as the lead corporate supporter for the Lost Pines Forest Recovery Campaign to ensure those roots remain firmly in the ground. The Arbor Day Foundation is leading the fundraising campaign to support the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Forest Service’s efforts to plant more than 4 million trees on public and private land, helping to restore the damage caused by the most destructive wildfire in Texas history.

The September 2011 fire destroyed more homes than any other in state history, and it raged through 95 percent of 6,600-acre Bastrop State Park, as well as surrounding private forest lands. The forest recovery campaign, expected to cost more than $4 million, aims to plant native loblolly pine seedlings on approximately 16,000 burned acres equaling 2 million trees in the state park and another 2 million on surrounding private land.

“The Lost Pines Forest Recovery Campaign is about bringing life back to Central Texas,” said Dan Lambe, the Arbor Day Foundation’s Vice President of Programs. “These trees are part of the long and important history of the people and land of this state. Financial support from individuals, private foundations and corporate sponsors – like the generous support from Mary Kay – is critical for the success of this multi-year recovery effort to preserve our Texas heritage.” Continue reading

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Postal Service Plants Second Green Roof

SYRACUSE, N.Y., June 28, 2012 / 3BL Media / PRNewswire-USNewswire/ – The U.S. Postal Service today celebrated another example of environmental leadership as local officials announced a green roof atop the Colvin-Elmwood Post Office. The 11,300 square foot green roof will be built at no cost to the Postal Service through an innovative sustainability partnership with Onondaga County, NY.

“The Postal Service continues to lead the way when it comes to making a positive impact on the environment,” said Chief Sustainability Officer, Thomas G. Day. “We’re pleased to be collaborating with the good people of Onondaga County on our second green roof, which will help the Postal Service conserve water and energy in the Syracuse metropolitan area.”

Working cooperatively with Onondaga County’s Save the Rain initiative, the Colvin-Elmwood Post Office’s roof was deemed structurally sound to support the additional weight of the soil, vegetation and other requirements of a green roof. The green roof will consist of a new membrane, layers of drainage sheet, mat, separation fabric, indigenous vegetation and a wind blanket. The green roof plan fits perfectly into the Postal Service’s commitment to create sustainable spaces and facilities wherever possible. Continue reading

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WORX Mows Through Grass with IntelliCut

CHARLOTTE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As gas prices rise, there’s more to consider than the vehicles parked in the garage. Factor in outdoor power equipment such as the lawn mower, and the escalating monthly gas budget may mean fewer meals out. For 54 million Americans that mow their lawn each weekend, that’s a lot of fuel and expense.

There’s a better way and one that requires no gas or oil. Battery-powered lawn mowers such as those from WORX® are friendly to the environment and neighborhood. These silent running machines go about the task with little fanfare. There’s no gas tank to fill, primer bulb to push or pull cord to strain a shoulder. Just squeeze the handle and go.

According to the EPA, each year, American homeowners spill 17 million gallons of fuel from outdoor power equipment. That’s more volume than the oil spilled by the Exxon Valdez in Alaska. Continue reading

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Parisleaf Printing and Design Receives CurrentState™ Platinum Certification

(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) Tulsa, OK – March 19, 2012 – Parisleaf Printing and Design recently completed the CurrentState™ Sustainability Audit and received Platinum Certification – the highest certification level available.

The Client’s Challenge

Parisleaf is a Printing and Design company located in Gainesville, Florida.  Parisleaf provides a variety of services which include printing, branding packages, web and logo design.

Parisleaf’s largest challenge is that traditional print related goods and services can have a significant negative impact on the environment.  Negative impacts occur at all stages of the paper life cycle -  the harvesting of trees, the processing of wood fiber into pulp and  the disposal of paper products at the end of their useful life.

However, Parisleaf has overcome these challenges. They offer carbon negative printing and web solutions to its clients. Parisleaf is able to achieve this because of their innovative green practices and the steps they take to mitigate their effect on the environment.   Continue reading

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