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London Olympic Park Environmental Cleanup Uses Innovative Technologies

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The July 17 opening of London’s £7-billion 2012 Olympic Park, with its 16 new major stadia and other sports facilities, also marks the successful conclusion of one of the world’s largest brownfield regeneration projects in recent years. This olympic-sized cleanup included the remediation and redevelopment of more than 200 hectares (500 acres) of former industrial land where previous uses such as chemical and fertilizer works, landfills and depots had left a legacy of severe soil and groundwater contamination.

Among the new facilities, the Zaha Hadid-designed London Aquatics Centre (LAC) is one of the most conspicuous, being one of most prominent of the “green” buildings in the new complex as well as the first structure most visitors will see as they approach the Olympic Park. As a brownfield redevelopment project, the Aquatics Centre also presented a significant remediation challenge, being located on a former industrial site and contaminated with lubricating oil, a difficult-to-remove light, non-aqueous phase liquid or LNAPL. The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) set strict deadlines for all Olympic facility construction projects, and the subsurface foundations for the LAC were to be completed by July 27, 2009, exactly three years before opening day. Continue reading

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IKEA Plugs-in Solar Panels at Dallas-Area Store

FRISCO, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–IKEA, the world’s leading home furnishings retailer, today officially plugged-in the solar energy system installed at its Dallas-area store in Frisco, Texas – which, when combined with projects completed in Houston and underway in Round Rock, make IKEA the state’s largest private solar owner. IKEA Frisco’s 114,000-square-foot photovoltaic (PV) array consists of a 912-kW system, built with 3,780 panels, and will produce approximately 1,336,300 kWh of clean electricity annually, the equivalent of reducing 1,016 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), eliminating the emissions of 181 cars or powering 115 homes yearly (calculating clean energy equivalents at

“We are thrilled at how this solar energy system furthers our commitment to sustainability at IKEA Frisco”

This installation represents the 30th completed solar project for IKEA in the U.S., with 9 more locations underway, making the eventual U.S. solar presence of IKEA nearly 89% with a total generation of 38 MW. IKEA owns and operates each of its solar PV energy systems atop its buildings – as opposed to a solar lease or PPA (power purchase agreement) – and globally has allocated €590 million to invest in renewable energy, focusing on solar and wind during the coming three years. This investment reinforces the long-term commitment of IKEA to sustainability and confidence in photovoltaic (PV) technology. More than 250,000 solar panels have been installed on IKEA stores and buildings across the world. The company also owns and/or operates approximately 110 wind turbines in Europe. Continue reading

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The North Face Gets A Sustainable New Headquarters

It’s a pretty exciting day for us at The North Face as today we moved into our new headquarters in Alameda California.  We are joined by our VF Outdoor coalition partners JanSport and lucy at this new location. The new 14-acre campus embodies the brands’ outdoor ethos and commitment to their associates, community and the environment. The goal from the beginning was to create a work environment that mirrored the commitment to the outdoors that The North Face believes in.

“I’m thrilled to welcome our VF Outdoor associates to our new home in Alameda. Today culminates nearly four years of thoughtful design and planning. Our new campus reflects our team’s unique culture and passion for the outdoors,” said Steve Rendle, Group President of VF Outdoor and Action Sports Americas. “VF Outdoor includes many of VF’s fastest-growing businesses and the co-location of the JanSport, lucy and The North Face brands at one central campus will lead to even greater product innovation, collaboration and business growth.”  Continue reading

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Energy Efficiency Retrofits in Commercial Buildings Will Nearly Double by 2020, Reaching $152 Billion Worldwide

BOULDER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Efforts to retrofit commercial and public buildings to make them more energy-efficient have many different drivers, including a sense of social responsibility to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) and carbon footprints, an attempt to retain tenants and gain a market edge in a competitive building market, and, above all, the desire to reduce operational costs by reducing energy consumption. Regardless of the motivation, energy efficiency retrofits represent a rapidly growing market that will benefit the environment, building owners, tenants and communities alike. According to a new report from Pike Research, this global market will expand from $80.3 billion in 2011 to $151.8 billion by 2020.

“Retrofitting existing buildings offers one of the most cost-effective ways for a business to reduce its operating expenses,” says senior analyst Eric Bloom. “Many energy conservation measures can be implemented within strict investment criteria, and a growing number of financial instruments are deepening the scope of energy efficiency retrofits, driving continued investment in energy efficient HVAC, lighting and control systems.”

Western Europe will remain the largest market for energy efficiency retrofits in commercial and public buildings, but its share of world revenues will drop from 41% in 2011 to 37% in 2020. Essentially equaling Western Europe, Asia Pacific, which represented 32% ($26 billion) of the revenue stream in 2011, will increase to 36% ($54.6 billion) by 2020. North American energy efficiency revenues will more than double over the remainder of the decade, increasing to $35.3 billion by 2020. Continue reading

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Singapore, U.S., Australia, Germany Are Trendsetters in Green Buildings

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Energy security, and environmental and livability concerns drive government policy on green-building technologies but eventually cost and affordability determine the extent and pace of adoption, according to Lux Research. The firm ranked 21 countries using these factors to determine the best markets for green buildings.

“Buildings are the spine of the increasingly urban world we find ourselves in, now containing over 50% of the global human population. Buildings use 40% of the world’s energy and account for 40% of the carbon dioxide emissions,” said Aditya Ranade, Lux Research Analyst and the lead author of the report titled, “Policy’s Dramatic Impact on Green Buildings: The Global Hotspots.”

“Policy measures, along with ability to pay, payback periods, and addressable market size, should determine a firm’s decision on which countries to invest precious market development funds in,” he added. Continue reading

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Citi’s LEED projects; Patagonia “Vote the Environment” campaign – CSR Minute

Citi has become the world’s first bank with 200 LEED-certified projects. The Platinum-level certification of its New York City flagship branch in Union Square added the 200th LEED project to the banks’ list. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program is the US Green Building Council’s rating system for designing and constructing energy efficient buildings.

Patagonia has launched its “Vote the Environment” campaign, with partners Wilco, Headcount, and the League of Conservation Voters. The campaign asks customers to register to vote and learn about candidates’ environmental records. The rock band Wilco will encourage audiences at its shows to use social media to promote the campaign.

The National Philanthropic Trust, one of the top 25 grant making institutions in the US, has commented on the recently released “Giving USA Report on Philanthropy.” The Trust notes that donor-advised funds, D.A.F.s, continued to show a marked increase in growth. NPT’s 2011 Report notes that $7.7 billion dollars in contributions to D.A.F.’s in 2010 marked an increase of 25 percent compared with 2009.

The CSR Minute is produced for 3BL Media by Video4Good:


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The Market for Smart Glass to be Nearly $700 Million a Year by 2020

Smart glass is a class of products used in windows, glass screens, and partitions that provides glare, light, and heat control dynamically, based on ambient conditions or manual controls.  Also referred to as dimmable glass, switchable glass, or dynamic glass (or glazing), smart glass is used in a variety of applications, primarily architecture and transportation.  Although several barriers stand in the way of the broader adoption of smart glass, the market potential is significant.  Substantial new production capacity that is due to come online during 2013 will reduce production costs and help drive greater product adoption.  According to a new report from Pike Research, the market value for architectural and transportation smart glass, which stands at $84 million today, will grow to $693 million worldwide by 2020.

“High-performance buildings require a level of control over energy that many of today’s automation systems are only now starting to address,” says senior analyst Eric Bloom.  “Smart glass is an innovative technology that both provides building owners unprecedented control over solar heat gain and offers a visually impressive alternative to flat glass.” Continue reading

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Building Information Modeling Market to Reach $6.5 Billion Worldwide by 2020

The market for building information modeling (BIM) software and services is still nascent, but evolving rapidly.  As energy conservation and carbon emissions become increasingly important issues, the adoption of BIM tools and practices will become a higher priority, since they can significantly affect the efficient use of scarce and valuable resources.  According to a new report from Pike Research, annual worldwide revenue for BIM products and services solutions will grow from $1.8 billion in 2012 to almost $6.5 billion in 2020.

“Building information modeling represents one of the most important breakthroughs in building design technology over the last decade,” says senior analyst Eric Bloom.  “The next generation of buildings will be more intelligent and energy-efficient than any before.  However, designing and delivering such buildings requires a level of collaboration that only BIM software can facilitate.”

The market for BIM software tools is led by a handful of well-known names, such as Autodesk, Bentley, Tekla, Nemetschek, and Gehry Technologies.  Small firms that enter the market with an innovative BIM (or other) solution generally do not last long as independent firms because the larger players strategically acquire them to enhance their own product portfolios.  The industry has also seen a spate of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in recent years, as firms prepare for the next phase of BIM technology advancement in areas like BIM to Field solutions, cloud-based solutions, and mobile capabilities. Continue reading

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