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Operational Risk Management: What All EHS Managers Should Know

Download Complimentary Report from LNS Research

SOURCE: Enablon


Operational risks are inherently different from many other types of risks. Operational failures not only impact health, safety and the environment: they also have a direct impact on financial performance.

To address the uniqueness of operational risks, market-leading companies are establishing a specific Operational Risk Management (ORM) framework. ORM frameworks delineate how risk will be identified, assessed, monitored, and responded to across quality, environment, health and safety (EH&S), energy, sustainability, and other management programs. While the risk management processes for these systems have traditionally been disconnected, ORM frameworks bring them together and provide a more holistic and strategic method for managing enterprise risk.

This complimentary report, written by LNS Research, will help EH&S professionals understand the challenges, benefits and best practices in implementing a structured ORM approach and how it can benefit your activities by transforming these efforts into a source of differentiation and financial growth.

This 12-page study draws upon the exclusive results of a recent LNS Research survey to more than 500 executives. What you’ll learn in this report:

  • Benchmark Data: Executives’Top Objectives and Challenges
  • LNS Research’s Operational Risk Management Framework
  • Benefits of Implementing an ORM Framework and System
  • Industry Case Study from a Leading Bio-Pharma Manufacturer

Download your complimentary copy of the report by following this link:

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Contact Info:

Chloe Pott
+1 (312) 794-7955

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Eco-Friendly Car Production? Think Blue Factory!

The Volkswagen Way to Resource Efficiency

SOURCE: Volkswagen Group


This is the 5th part of a series on highlights from the brand-new Volkswagen Group Sustainability Report 2013 – the summary of our efforts to strike a balance between resource efficiency, economic stability, and social responsibility.

This week, we focus on eco-friendly production and resource efficiency. These topics will shift even further into the spotlight at the Volkswagen Group. The reason is that we take a holistic approach to sustainability. Clean car, clean plant, clean process chain. One goal: By 2018, the Volkswagen Group is aiming to have cut specific energy and water requirements, waste volume and CO2 and solvent emissions (VOC) per vehicle or component by 25%, compared with the 2010 baseline.

This goal applies across the board to all the Group’s production sites, and builds on the general production process requirements defined in the Group’s environmental principles.

The overarching aim is to minimize the environmental impacts of production. Moreover, the sparing use of energy and raw materials makes a major and growing contribution to cost-effectiveness.

By the end of 2013 the Group was already half-way to our goal, having cut the environmental impacts of production by 12.5%. This was broken down as follows:

  • energy consumption: –12.5 %
  • CO2 emissions: –19.5 %
  • water consumption: –4.6 %
  • solvent emissions: –12.3 %
  • waste for disposal: –13.8 %

Read on – or go directly to the new Volkswagen Group Sustainability Report


One of Volkswagen’s priorities as an automotive manufacturer is to develop eco-friendly products and technical solutions, focusing amongst other things on fuel-efficient technologies, on electric mobility that caters to everyday needs, and on innovative mobility concepts like the carsharing project “Quicar” or the “Think Blue. Factory.” program of the Volkswagen brand.

The Volkswagen brand’s production sites are already pooling their activities under the “Think Blue. Factory.” program, which includes a raft of ambitious measures and ensures that managers and employees at the production plants never lose sight of the objectives.

Other Group brands are following their lead and have developed their own concepts to enhance energy and resource efficiency while building employee awareness of these issues.

Under the “Think Blue. Factory.” program, new production sites are built in accordance with strict environmental criteria. In existing plants, depending on the age of the production equipment, ecological objectives are met either by replacing or upgrading machinery or by redesigning production processes. The experts in Wolfsburg collaborate closely with each individual factory and devise customized development plans for each site. The “Think Blue. Factory.” toolkit contains various instruments for systematically reducing the ratios and optimizing consumption. A dedicated catalog of 140 guide measures for eco-friendly automobile factories is a key element of this toolkit and the appropriate actions are selected for each plant. This catalog is constantly evolving, because “Think Blue. Factory.” is a dialogue-driven process in which best-practices are rolled out from individual plants to all sites. At the same time, production technology at the factories is also upgraded in line with the latest advances in manufacturing systems and processes. Through this sharing of local best practices, new options and opportunities are continuously being created.

The Volkswagen brand’s concept “Think Blue.” was launched in 2005 as a scheme to highlight the Group’s most fuel-efficient car models (BlueMotion), since 2010 it has evolved into a holistic philosophy on environmental responsibility. This philosophy expresses the Volkswagen brand’s thinking on environmental sustainability, looking in particular at the question of how to balance personal mobility with good environmental practice. Attention focuses on five key environmental factors: energy, water, waste, CO2 and solvent emissions, so that progress can be transparently measured.

A total of 27 of the 43 Volkswagen brand plants on four continents are currently taking part in the environmental program. By the end of September 2013, they had together identified resource-saving potential worth €114.3 million. More than one quarter of these measures are already up and running. The new ventilation system in the Emden assembly hall has attracted a great deal of interest from colleagues in other plants. Sensors and state-of-the-art control technology have reduced the system’s electricity consumption by 80%, and it is also significantly quieter.  “We have invested around €1.4 million, but this has translated into savings of approximately €850,000 per annum”, says Thomas Laaken, Head of Environmental and Energy Management at the Emden plant and local “Think Blue. Factory.” officer.

The recently renovated administration building in Emden is likely to be a further talking point, as it has succeeded in reducing heat consumption by 80% and electricity consumption by 50%, thanks to high-performance insulation, LED lighting and heating/climate-control ceilings throughout, plus four high-efficiency mini combined heat and power plants in the cellar.


Read the 1st Volkswagen Sustainability Report highlight on renewable energy

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Read the 4th Volkswagen Sustainability Report highlight on Brazil

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Justmeans Recognized for Fulfilling Mission of ‘Business. Better.’

The 3BL Media company is named to GameChangers 500 List

SOURCE: Justmeans


Northampton, MA, July 10, 2014 /3BL Media/ – The GameChangers 500 (GC500) list has ranked Justmeans, a 3BL Media company, as a leader in using business as a force for good. With methodology designed by global leaders at a Summit at Harvard University, the GameChangers 500 ranks by benefit to people and planet.

“The GameChangers 500 list is a great honor for the team that produces Justmeans,” said John Howell, 3BL Media/Justmeans Editorial Director. “From our staff of authoritative writers to distribution managers, media consultants, and our tech and social media teams, all work hard every day to bring Justmeans readers the best news and information about ‘Business. Better.’—our mission. Justmeans’ singular mix of articles, blogs, video essays, company and organization news, and editorial commentaries is a one-stop site for all the news about CSR, sustainability, energy, health, tech, education, and social innovation. On behalf of the Justmeans team, a big ’thanks’ to GameChangers 500 for their recognition of our work.”

To qualify for the GC500, organizations must pass the GameChangers DNA test, which evaluates why the organization is in business, what the business offers, and how the business is run. In addition to being named to the list, Justmeans has earned several badges in the Why, What and How categories: meet the mission, depth of impact, scale of impact, and empowered employees, among others.

Just twenty-nine of the five hundred organizations classify as Enterprise Media organizations, with Justmeans currently ranking in the top-tier, accompanied by NPR, UpWorthy, TED, and social media companies YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Join Justmeans, the leading community for CSR & sustainability news and content, and the greater conversation about doing Business. Better. at and @Justmeans. is an online community and publisher of news about corporate social responsibility, sustainability, energy, health, education, technology and innovation. We are a one-stop information source for business professionals, executives, journalists, bloggers, academics and news organizations who are engaged with and interested in our subject areas. Justmeans editorial, blogs and videos are researched, produced and edited by journalism professionals and serve as an authoritative source of news. Access to all levels of Justmeans’ content is free of charge.

3BL Media is a leading news distribution and content marketing company focused on niche topics including sustainability, health, energy, education, philanthropy, community and other social and environmental topics. The company works with organizations including multinational corporations, SME’s, and non-profits to distribute multi-format media assets through social, traditional and new media channels. 3BL Media leverages its expertise in communications, technology and social media to enable organizations to more effectively communicate about their initiatives to the press, investors, consumers and other critical stakeholder groups.



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CITGO Marketers in Indiana and Illinois Celebrate Loyal Customers

Knapp Oil Announces First Club CITGO Free Gas Giveaway Sweepstakes Winner

SOURCE: CITGO Petroleum Corporation


Nashville, Ill., July 10, 2014 /3BL Media/ – Local CITGO Marketers in Southern Illinois and Indiana and CITGO Petroleum Corporation are celebrating loyal customers with the Club CITGO Free Gas Giveaway sweepstakes, which gives consumers a chance to enjoy special offers and prizes at 50 select CITGO locations. Paul Barczewski was selected as the first grand prize winner. He will be presented with $2,500 in CITGO Gift Cards on July 10 at the Knapp CITGO station located at 17970 Mockingbird Rd. in Nashville, Ill., where his company also happens to provide lawn care services.

“We love giving back to the community members who support our business. We depend on their support and it is great to give back to them,” said Nick Knapp, retail sales manager at Knapp Oil Company, Inc. “We are so pleased to present Paul with his prize. Many of our customers have downloaded the Club CITGO mobile application and we are excited to reward those who visit our stores regularly with deals and special prizes. Plus, we know that our Knapp CITGO locations are a great place to get the fuel and refreshments people need this summer.”

As part of the Club CITGO Free Gas Giveaway sweepstakes, participants are automatically entered for a chance to win $2,500 in CITGO Gift Cards when they download the free mobile app. Additional entries are awarded to customers who “check-in” at their local CITGO station and share the app with friends via Facebook, Twitter and email. Two more randomly selected grand prize winners will be chosen between now and September 30. In addition, customers who download the app will instantly receive access to great deals and offers at participating CITGO locations.  

Currently the sweepstakes is open only to residents of Southern Illinois and Indiana. For full sweepstakes rules visit

CITGO is committed to giving back to the local communities it serves through its network of locally owned stations. CITGO Marketers and Retailers, including Knapp Oil Company, Freedom Oil and C&S Inc. own and operate nearly more than 450 locations across Illinois and Indiana and are proud to support their communities. For more information on the positive impact of the locally owned CITGO stations, visit

Based in Houston, CITGO is a refiner, transporter and marketer of transportation fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals and other industrial products. The company is owned by PDV America, Inc., an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A., the national oil company of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. For more information, visit


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Using 'Giving Circles' to Engage Employees in Workplace Giving

SOURCE: America’s Charities


By Charisse Browner

The “Giving Circles Popular With Minorities and Younger Donors” article in this week’s Chronicle of Philanthropy gained my attention because the study is based on a growing giving trend among women, minorities and youth (two of the three I am a class member of – but I also think young, does that count?).

The article states, “Groups of people who pool their donations and select beneficiaries together—known as giving circles—have become an attractive channel of philanthropy for women, minorities, and donors under 40.” The study also indicates that “the data show that Americans of African, Asian, and Hispanic descent participate in giving circles at much higher rates than whites: 21 percent for blacks versus 10 percent for white non-Jewish donors, for example.”

As I read through the article with great interest, it reminded me of what I do in my daily work at America’s Charities to help our corporate clients with their employee engagement efforts, and how incorporating Giving Circles as an “additional channel” to a workplace giving program is smart, can increase participation, and promotes greater giving.

Through a company’s CSR efforts, many choose to support certain charities because of the partnerships that were built over a period of time, or even due to the fact the CEO or C-Suite executives are involved in some level with specific charity organizations. This practice is acceptable, ethical, a way to focus the program, adopted by many corporations and supported by many charities. Companies will in turn incorporate their CSR efforts into the employee engagement strategy so that employees can also support the charity organizations too. This in itself creates a Giving Circle.

However, Giving Circles are just the beginning and should not be the only option. While Giving Circles do help people pool their funds together to raise greater dollars for the charity(ies) selected, Giving Circles should not be put into a box as the only way to give so to exclude employees that may not be interested in those particular causes. In other words, the meaning of Giving Circles, as the article states, is a “channel” to consider (like a TV, many channels is the key to utilization and interest).

The article also states, “Giving circles provide an entry point for donors with lower income levels and a desire to become involved in charity work.” This is true, particularly for minimum wage earners that have altruistic desires. One client for example, has a majority workforce of minimum wage, hourly earners who collectively and with impressive generosity, raised more than $200,000 for a single cause. Imagine how great the employees must feel knowing they have made this kind of impact collectively.

Employees that participate in Giving Circles can also become ambassadors for your workplace giving and volunteer program to help other employees learn more about the importance of giving back and most important, learn first-hand through volunteer experiences, why it is important to oneself and the community to be altruistic.

There is no better way to make a philanthropist out of employees than by showing them the impact that a dollar can make through Giving Circles and other channels. It is equally important to involve employees in the planning of the type of engagement program to offer, what it entails, and how it will be implemented into the overall workplace giving program so that all employees are enticed to participate. Who knows better how to reach employees than the employees themselves?

Giving Circles are fantastic, but as mentioned earlier, they are to be used as a “channel” – in addition to other options. Case in point, unknowingly or unconsciously, companies might alienate employees (potential donors) when they focus on just a handful of charities for employees to support. What about the rest of the employees, those who do not want to support the handful of charities selected for them? Those “other” employees are just as valuable when your company is looking to implement a program, increase donor enrollment, or looking to raise more funds for charities. Your program must have options for these employees too for greater diversity and inclusion.

In other words, the adopted workplace giving program can include a Giving Circle (or what we term at America’s Charities, Special Giving Choices) as an “additional channel,” in addition to allowing individuals to give to the charity of their choice if a successful program is the end goal.

To learn more about Giving Circles, consult with experts in the field of workplace giving and employee engagement like America’s Charities so that you are putting together a best practices supported program for optimal employee engagement success.

>> Read More Posts from this Blog Series

>> Request a Demo & Consultation


Charisse R. Browner, C.G.S.

Business Development Director, America’s Charities

Charisse has 22 years of experience working in the nonprofit and private sector industry focusing on employee engagement (workplace giving and volunteerism), corporate social responsibility (CSR), foundation management, business development and cause-related marketing. Read more and connect with Charisse.


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Brown-Forman, Brave ERG, Early Times, The National Guard Volunteers Help at the Active Heroes Retreat Center

SOURCE: Brown-Forman Corporation


Active Heroes has had many great groups help clean up the retreat this spring and now summer. We have a lot more work to accomplish but thanks to Brown-Forman, Brave ERG, Early Times, The National Guard and more, we are making great progress!

Donate to help us build the retreat here:


About Brown-Forman Corporation
For more than 140 years, Brown-Forman Corporation has enriched the experience of life by responsibly building fine quality beverage alcohol brands, including Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Southern Comfort, Finlandia, Jack Daniel’s & Cola, Canadian Mist, Korbel, Gentleman Jack, el Jimador, Herradura, Sonoma-Cutrer, Chambord, New Mix, Tuaca, and Woodford Reserve. Brown-Forman’s brands are supported by more than 4,000 employees and sold in approximately 160 countries worldwide. For more information about the company, please visit

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The Impact Equation: Stronger Business, Greater Results, Better World

Annual Conference Early Bird Ends July 15!

SOURCE: USCCF Corporate Citizenship Center


Business engagement in communities is stronger than ever.  They invest time, resources, and capital to help make the world a better place.  But how do we know whether these efforts have been truly successful? 

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center’s 2014 conference is focused on results. In today’s world, companies must ensure that every dollar spent is meaningful, that every employee volunteer opportunity is worthwhile, and that every investment shows a return.  There is more pressure than ever from corporate stakeholders to show meaningful outcomes. From philanthropy to shared value, from sustainability to governance, from partnerships to employee engagement, companies must ensure their work is driving measurable, lasting impact.  

We believe that stronger businesses can achieve greater results that create a better world.  Join us in Washington, D.C. this September to learn how.

Early Bird Ends July 15! Register Today!

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Avista Receives Grant for Smart Grid Battery Storage Research

Investment maintains momentum to modernize our grid

SOURCE: Avista Utilities


July 9, 2014 /3BL Media/ – A $3.2 million grant from Washington Governor Jay Inslee and the Washington State Department of Commerce will help Avista invest in research to address one of the biggest challenges facing the energy industry – how to integrate power generated from intermittent renewable sources such as wind and solar into the electrical grid.

Inslee announced more than $14 million in smart grid matching grants from the governor’s Clean Energy Fund will be used by Avista, Puget Sound Energy and Snohomish PUD to better understand how to capture, store and distribute renewable energy from wind and solar. See

“Today’s investment in the exciting possibilities of battery storage technology represents a significant step forward in helping create our energy future,” said Avista’s Vice President of Energy Delivery Don Kopczynski. “The challenge with energy is that as soon as it’s produced, it must be used immediately. That makes it difficult to plan ahead to supply the energy our customers need with renewable energy if the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining. We believe that battery storage could be the missing piece in this puzzle.”

Avista will use the grant money to install a large-scale energy storage battery system in a substation in Pullman, Washington. These batteries will store power when it’s abundant, for example when the wind is blowing. The battery power can then be distributed when it’s needed, regardless of wind speed or weather patterns.

Power from battery storage is available almost instantaneously – within 50 milliseconds, versus 10 to 15 minutes it takes to fire up a natural gas combustion turbine. This rapid response-time provides the flexibility required to quickly react to a sudden drop in power supply or increase in demand.

“Energy will be there – when we need it. And the quality of energy will be available to run the technology that is so essential to our lives,” Kopczynski added. “Being on the leading-edge of smart grid research like this strategically aligns with Avista’s 125 year legacy of innovation. We’re continually investing to modernize our grid and build a strong foundation for our energy future.”

Over the past several years, Avista has invested more than $80 million of combined Avista and federal matching funds to improve reliability, reduce losses and automate activities that have traditionally been performed manually. Avista customers are experiencing fewer and shorter power outages as a result of these investments.

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