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What Happened at #Catalyze14?

PYXERA Global wraps two-day live and online event



WASHINGTON, D.C., April 9, 2014 /3BL Media/ – Catalyzing Growth in Emerging Markets, a two-day live and online conference, hosted by PYXERA Global, convened leaders from the private, public, and social sectors earlier this week.  Comprised of several events including the Public Private Partnership Forum, an honorary reception, and the International Corporate Volunteerism Conference, each activity addressed the central theme of catalyzing emerging market growth.

What Happened at the Forum
The Public Private Partnership Forum convened a cross-section of senior leaders from public, private, and social sectors on April 7th to address why there is a clear imperative for corporations to more closely partner with the public and social sectors.  “Partnership requires communication.  It means learning to speak one another’s language.  When successful, the impact is enhanced in ways that each partner likely never imagined,” noted Deirdre White, CEO of PYXERA Global. “My hope is to initiate this kind of dialogue and amplify the impact that a true partnership can have.”

Moderated by Fortune Magazine’s Nina Easton, The Forum addressed closely-related topics to the overarching event’s theme of catalytic emerging market growth.  In a conversation on powering new business in new markets, for example, leaders from The Dow Chemical Company, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, and Credit Suisse examined how industry and investment can stimulate market growth in emerging economies.  Executives from the Intel Foundation, EY, and The Africa-America Institute spoke about the need for leadership at every level of the pyramid to address both the challenges and opportunities that new markets present.  In a session on the power of global corporate diplomacy, U.S. Congressman Jim Moran and executive leadership from JPMorgan Chase Foundation and Population Services International looked at what is now required for leadership in a globally connected world.  

Global health was also a timely theme as ONE Campaign, USAID, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration leaders took on the question – how can cross-sector partnership afford healthier lives for more of the world’s population?  In the Forum’s final conversation on shared value, IBM and PYXERA Global discussed roadmaps and operational realities behind true cross-sector partnership.

Broadcast live from the Newseum on and sponsored by The Dow Chemical Company, the Forum drew a wide audience  online.  The Forum was further amplified through a global Twitter conversation on #Catalyze14.

An honorary reception followed the Forum, in honor of those committed to the future of cross-sector partnership.  Sponsored by EY, the reception convened an elite community of stakeholders, including those participating in the Forum, other members of Congress and their staff, and an array of corporate, private, and public stakeholders pursuing global engagement opportunities.

Sharing ICV Knowledge and Networks
On April 8th, the International Corporate Volunteerism Conference featured an evocative series of interactive workshops, flash chats, and panels designed to deepen the conversation around international corporate volunteerism, or global pro bono.  Sessions such as Partners in Innovation, How Pro Bono Volunteerism Fosters Leadership, and Hardwiring CSR to Leadership Development focused on new ways global pro bono is being integrated into company’s business units, while sessions such as The ICV Continuum, which featured over a dozen companies sharing programmatic knowledge, emphasized the mechanics of global pro bono at different stages of development.  PYXERA Global also released its Annual ICV Benchmarking Survey, an annual survey of over two dozen companies investing in global pro bono and shared new findings on ICV trends and program drivers.

Deirdre White, CEO of PYXERA Global spoke about the shifting role of the private sector in the international development landscape.

About PYXERA Global
PYXERA Global (@PYXERAGlobal) leverages the unique strengths of corporations, governments, social sector organizations, educational institutions, and individuals to enhance the abilities of people and communities to solve complex problems and attain mutually beneficial goals. Our vision is of companies, governments, and NGOs working together in new ways to efficiently increase global well-being through standard business practices.


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Determined to Succeed

Inclusive Employment

SOURCE: Keystone Human Services


Joe is a young man who is focused and determined on doing the best job that he can do. In late 2010, Joe set forth to find a job where he could showcase his abilities and demonstrate what he is capable of doing.  Joe, who is visually impaired and on the Autism Spectrum, knew that he could be a valuable asset to a company that would give him a chance to prove himself. With the full support and encouragement from his family and support staff, Joe began the process of finding the right job for himself.

There were many ups and down in what was a 10-month journey for Joe. He was determined after each experience to keep trying until he reached his goal. Joe never gave up or despaired about not getting a job. After several opportunities that didn’t work out, Joe found a good fit.  In March of 2011, an opening at The Hotel Hershey working in the storeroom supplying the various restaurants presented itself. Joe had some experience volunteering at the food bank and felt this was a job he could handle. Joe landed the job and the first part of his goal was accomplished.

When Joe started working, he had support staff with him throughout the entirety of his shifts. Joe and the staff at The Hotel Hershey meshed quickly and he became more and more independent at doing his job on his own. With the support and guidance of his supervisor Lester, Joe quickly succeeded at learning and performing his job duties. Lester helped Joe become part of the family at The Hotel and gave Joe many chances to prove he could do the job. Within two months, Joe went from having 40 hours of support on the job site to none at all. He demonstrated that he was able to handle the job on his own and The Hotel Hershey staff embraced Joe, offering him support if he needed it.

Joe continued to work and take great pride in being a member of the team at The Hotel Hershey. Earlier this year, Joe displayed how determined he is to go above and beyond at his job. No matter the weather, Joe came into work. Even during some of the worst snow storms, Joe showed up ready to work. One day in January, Joe was the only one from his department able to make it to work and held down the duties of the department on his own.  The chefs and rest of the kitchen staff took note of Joe’s work and gave him Legacy Checks, a recognition program designed by employees of Hershey Entertainment & Resorts (HE&R) to recognize fellow employees for exceptional work. Lester was proud of the work Joe did, saying, “He had it all down and did a fantastic job.” Joe himself was very proud of the recognition, stating, “It has been wonderful and my coworkers have been so nice.”

The recognition of his hard work did not stop there. For all of his efforts, Joe was honored as the employee of the month in January at The Hotel Hershey. Speaking about how he was able to come in to work on those bad weather days, Joe said, “I am always there when you need me.”  Joe has now been at The Hotel Hershey for three years. He has found a place to grow and is continually offered more responsibilities in his job duties. Lester and the rest of The Hotel Hershey staff continue to give Joe the opportunities that make his determination worthwhile and are proud to call him a colleague.

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GM Plants in Mexico Offer a Concrete Example of Creative Recycling

Nearly everything can be recycled. But there are instances where traditional recycling alternatives are very limited. This is especially true with materials containing a mixture of components that aren’t easily separated.

As a last alternative, there are options where those materials can be turned to energy through incineration.

Such is the case at our San Luis Potosi Complex in Mexico. We make use of our landfill-free expertise toward solutions to address some of the non-recyclable waste produced at the facility.

The result: teaming up with CEMEX, a global building materials company, who now uses the byproducts in their cement-making process. Essentially, the waste material feeds the ovens that provide the energy to create cement. CEMEX’s power generator plant also uses it to create energy to power part of the plant’s operations, cutting consumption of non-renewable resources. Continue reading

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FDA Proposes New Common Sense Rules on Medical Tech

The Food and Drug Administration has proposed new rules on how health tech products should be regulated—or not. In a new report, the agency outlines three new categories, from high to low risk, based on potential risk to patient safety rather than on the tech platform used, as in previous practice.

The high-risk category includes medical device systems, such as bedside monitor alarms, and will continue to be regulated by the FDA. Administrative health IT products, such as billing and claims software, and inventory management systems, are termed low risk, and will not be regulated.

The recognition of an additional low risk category is the big news. It includes medication management, clinical-decision support software, and other health management IT products. This area is rapidly changing, and the decision by the FDA to not regulate it with detailed rules helps developers and manufacturers to speed up the innovation process to bring new health tech products to market. Continue reading

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When Robots Compete, Students and Bloomberg Mentors Win

Six robots meet on the playing field, each vying to score as many goals as possible in two and a half minutes. But this is not an every-robot-for-itself competition. The six robots are divided into two teams – alliances – that work together for the win. Such teamwork reflects the culture of competition and cooperation of the students who built and control these machines.

Since 2004, Bloomberg has sponsored FIRST New York City, the organization responsible for this robot match. FIRST – For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology – provides programs that encourage and inspire students from elementary through high school to pursue studies in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This year our company supports students in two challenges – FIRST Robotics Competition and FIRST Tech Challenge – in which high school students build and program robots to perform a set of tasks against a field of competitors. Continue reading

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The Long Beach Public Library Receives New Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades from Winthrop-University Hospital

April 5, 2014 /3BL Media/ – Thanks to generous financial support from Winthrop-University Hospital and in partnership with CBS EcoMedia, The Long Beach Library’s Point Lookout Branch and The Long Beach Public Library will benefit from energy-efficient lighting upgrades.

The lighting retrofit will enhance the overall appearance of both libraries, reduce energy usage and electric costs, and ultimately save taxpayers money. The funding for the lighting upgrades was a part of Winthrop-University Hospital’s EcoAd advertising on CBS, a program which enables advertisers to support community projects across the nation.

This morning a special celebration kicked off the partnership at The Long Beach Library’s Point Lookout Branch. Notable guests included J. Edmund Keating, Vice President of Marketing, Advertising and Public Affairs, Winthrop-University Hospital; Paul Polizzotto, President and Founder, CBS EcoMedia; George Trepp, Director, Long Beach Public Library. Continue reading

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Seed Fund Grantee Highlight: Sustainable Economies Law Center

Building the next economy will take work in many sectors. RSF Social Finance focuses on work with investors, donors, and entrepreneurs to build the direct, transparent relationships necessary to make economic renewal a reality. But as all these groups move their money and conduct their business with deep values, ossified legal structures will have to adapt and become more flexible to meet the needs of new economic relationships.

RSF Seed Fund grantee, Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC), works precisely at this intersection. SELC provides essential legal tools – education, research, advice, and advocacy – to support a transition to local, resilient economies. It focuses in many areas, including cooperatives, community-owned enterprises, co-housing, urban agriculture, barter, and local currencies.

Last year, SELC received a grant from the Seed Fund to support a new project that helps farmers interested in sustaining and growing their businesses through community-based or crowd-sourced financing methods. These methods allow local, small-scale investors to become financial stakeholders in an enterprise, and allow enterprises to seek capital from friends, family, and community members instead of high net-worth individuals or banks. With RSF’s funding, SELC was able to run an outreach campaign and application process for this new service to assess interest among farmers, and the response was very strong. Continue reading

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Sustainability Weekly Highlights April 2, 2014

Sustainability a CFO Can Love
(Thursday – March 27, 2014)
Source: Harvard Business Review – As a CFO who advocates sustainability, I’ve noticed that many of my peers take a lukewarm view of the idea, perhaps because they simply don’t see how sustainability can produce returns for a business. I can relate: I, too, am…

Sustainability in Focus

Sustainability 2.0: The CSO’s Role Keeps Growing
(Friday – March 28, 2014)
Source: CIO Insight – Over the course of a decade, sustainability has morphed from a fringe and feel-good idea embraced by a handful of companies into a mainstream business concept. In recent years, companies—particularly Global 2000 firms—have… Continue reading

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