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Chrysler Delivers Fleet of Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles to Duke Energy

(3BL Media) Auburn Hills, MI – April 18, 2012 – Chrysler Group LLC, working in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), today delivered eight demonstration-fleet Chrysler Town & Country plug-in hybrid minivans to Duke Energy – its largest such deployment to date.

The Duke Energy partnership is one of several that will see a total of 25 plug-in hybrid minivans subjected to a range of driving cycles.

Today’s deployment is part of an ongoing two-year study of the technology’s real-world performance in a minivan application.

“Chrysler is looking forward to the two years of real-world data that will be obtained,” said Abdullah Bazzi, senior manager of the Chrysler Group’s advanced hybrid vehicle project. “Such data will enable Chrysler engineers to assess the viability of the technology for future applications.”

Duke Energy welcomed today’s delivery at its headquarters in Charlotte, NC. Continue reading

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Heraeus and Yingli Green Energy Announce $70 Million Solar Agreement

WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited (“Yingli Green Energy”), a leading global vertically integrated photovoltaic manufacturer, and the precious metals and technology group Heraeus, announced the signing of a $70 Million cooperation and supply agreement. The Heraeus Photovoltaic Business Unit, a world leader in developing front and back-side silver paste for crystalline solar cells will work together with Yingli Green Energy to achieve significant photovoltaic technology advancements, specifically to reduce the cost-per-watt of solar cells to a new industry benchmark.

“Our mission is to provide affordable green energy for all, therefore, we constantly innovate to enhance the quality and cost structure of our products. The ability to work closely with Heraeus will help us remain an industry frontrunner.”

Under this new one-year agreement, Heraeus will now dedicate R&D resources in its 3 technology centers located in West Conshohocken (USA), Hanau (Germany) and Singapore to develop state-of-the-art silver metallization pastes for Yingli Green Energy’s high efficiency N-type silicon solar cells, named PANDA.

“As an industry leader, we [Heraeus] are overjoyed about our agreement with Yingli Green Energy since our primary focus is the commitment to innovation of highly-efficient, yet cost-effective products for our customers,” said Andy London, PV Global Manager and Vice President of Heraeus Precious Metals North America Conshohocken LLC in West Conshohocken, Pa. (USA). Continue reading

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Fueling the Future with Renewable Gasoline and Diesel

DES PLAINES, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$2.00 a gallon gasoline may be a thing of the past but with IH2 Technology, it can also be part of the very near future.

Today Gas Technology Institute (GTI) hosted an open house at its new Pilot-Scale IH2 Plant in Chicago, Illinois to demonstrate the successful efforts to broaden biomass-to-liquid hydrocarbon fuel conversion.

The IH2 Technology is a catalytic thermochemical process that promises to be a very cost-effective route to produce liquid transportation fuels from renewable resources. Based on assessments and calculations by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the technology has the capability to produce fuel with a U.S. Department of Energy estimated selling price of less than $2.00/gallon in commercial production.

“Before new technologies can effectively compete for a presence in the market, the potential economic advantage has to be compelling along with a high probability of success”

The IHprocess can convert virtually any type of non-food biomass feedstock—such as wood, agricultural residues, algae, aquatic plants and solid waste—to a liquid transportation fuel that is interchangeable with crude-oil-derived fuels and is compatible with current fueling and vehicle infrastructure. In this way, the IH2 process differs from other biofuel technologies that produce crude or oxygen-containing intermediates that need substantial upgrading to meet current specifications for transportation fuels. Continue reading

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ShoeBox Recycling and Recyclebank Partner to Recycle Shoes

(3BL Media) Philadelphia – April 17, 2012 – ShoeBox Recycling and Recyclebank®, the company that rewards people for taking everyday green actions with discounts and deals from local and national businesses, today announced a partnership to reward people for pledging to recycle their shoes. This program broadens the scope of traditional curbside recycling and opens up opportunities for people to learn and participate in shoe recycling and reuse in a convenient and rewarding way. The goal is to motivate people to understand that ‘worn doesn’t mean worn out’ and that shoes can live on and help many people throughout the globe.

ShoeBox Recycling is a for-profit recycler of shoes headquartered in Fairless Hills, Pa. It has flipped the recycling triangle upside down and have mastered the most powerful ‘R’—REUSE. With over 300 million pairs of perfectly reusable shoes hitting landfills each year, they are looking to change the way people think about their shoes. Along these lines, it is rewarding Recyclebank members who pledge to recycle their shoes and are also providing them with the UPS label to actually do so. In order to promote the cause, ShoeBox Recycling has developed a short film that will be shown on for people to learn about shoe recycling, reuse and the ability to seek out and find their SoleMate. Continue reading

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GE Wind Turbines Selected by Chinese Wind Power Developer for 100-Megawatt Project in Canada

SCHENECTADY, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GE’s (NYSE: GE) broad and competitive portfolio of advanced technology wind turbines will power a new wind project in the province of Ontario, Canada that will add 100 megawatts of clean energy to the region’s electricity grid. The Dufferin Wind Farm, located in Ontario’s Melanchthon County, is being developed by Longyuan Canada Renewables Ltd., a subsidiary of China Long Yuan Power Generation (CLYPG), China’s largest wind power developer.

“As the competition grows across the global wind industry, the most cost effective projects with the best technology will win.”
GE will supply 31 of its 1.6-100 wind turbines and 18 of its 2.75-103 wind turbines for the project, which supports Ontario’s Green Energy Act. Created by the Ontario government, the act is designed to expand renewable energy production, encourage energy conservation and create green jobs. It features a feed-in tariff to ensure that renewable energy developers are able to achieve a reasonable return on their investments.

Under the Green Energy Act, renewable energy developers are required to demonstrate 50 percent local content for their projects. GE’s longstanding commitment to provide local manufacturing content and sophisticated application engineering support aligns with the Green Energy Act’s requirements. Continue reading

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Oil Incumbents Building Empires to Dominate Biofuels and Other Alternative Fuels

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Over the past decade, hundreds of start-ups, corporations, financiers, and universities have developed compelling alternative fuel technologies, such as bio-based jet fuel and cellulosic ethanol. Now, as alternative fuels march to scale, partnership networks in this field are increasingly dominated by the same giant multinationals that control petroleum, according to a Lux Research report.

“As a result, they’ve been able to lead the way to the market, building commercial facilities this year and next.”

“As alternative fuel technologies go to market, aligning with the right partners is a necessary stepping stone. The massive incumbent fuel producers, refiners, and distributors can be the competition, but they’re also the key to integrating novel technologies into a century-old industry,” said Andrew Soare, Lux Research Analyst and the lead author of the report titled, “Mapping Empires, Goldmines, and Landmines in the Alternative Fuels Network.”

“The public market successes of Gevo, Amyris, and Solazyme have been based on their sound partnership portfolio, in addition to a robust technology platform,” he added. “As a result, they’ve been able to lead the way to the market, building commercial facilities this year and next.” Continue reading

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Iceland Offers Data Centers the Most Competitive Power Prices in Europe

REYKJAVIK, Iceland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Landsvirkjun, Iceland’s national power company has announced its aim to power 1% of the European datacenter industry with electricity from renewable hydroelectric and geothermal sources by the year 2020. The estimated electric energy needed to achieve this target is around 1.5 TWh, about 10% of the company´s current generation. The ambition is based on Iceland´s ample renewable power development opportunities and the fact that the country has been attracting considerable datacenter industry investment drawn by the compelling power proposition, solid infrastructure, and world-class business environment.

“Iceland offers differentiating economic advantages with the most competitive power prices in Europe, a commitment to long term contracts and reliable renewable energy. This makes it particularly attractive for international sustainable business development, especially in sectors such as datacenters where value is attached with being green and secure.”

Landsvirkjun´s power proposition is to provide the most competitive energy prices in Europe. Recent public quotes from the company offer fixed real rates of $43/MWh in 12 year contracts. In comparison, European average real market rates were from $65/MWh in 2011 on short term contracts with prices expected to increase considerably over the coming decade. In addition, Iceland’s power is 100% renewable from hydro and geothermal sources and the quality of delivery has recently been singled out by the World Economic Forum as being among the top three in the world. Continue reading

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GM Awards Supplier for Environmental Excellence

(3BL Media) Detroit, MI – April 13, 2012 - FTS Technologies, a surface treatment company based in Whitmore Lake, Mich., received the General Motors Environmental Excellence Award for introducing an energy-efficient technology that lets paint stick to plastic vehicle parts without using  traditional chemical adhesion systems. It helps GM’s supply base reduce waste and emissions.

“FTS is committed to helping the auto industry green its operations,” said John Bradburn, manager of GM’s waste-reduction efforts. “Their technology reduces the impact of the vehicle painting process by dramatically reducing waste and emissions. We’re quickly integrating it throughout our supply chain due to the improved quality and throughput it provides.”

The flame-treatment technology creates a molecular change to the surface of the plastic, making it bond with the paint. It’s being used on the Chevrolet CruzeSonic, and Volt. Continue reading

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