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In British Columbia, Mulling the Role of Natural Gas in a Sustainable Energy Future

British Columbia finds itself at the forefront of the global debate on natural gas, and its role in the future of energy.
Some 15 energy company consortiums are vying to build massive export terminals on the Pacific coastline of Canada’s westernmost province, with an eye to shipping gas to energy-hungry Asia. British Columbia, in other words, is second only to the Gulf of Mexico in plans for establishing an international gateway for North America’s new energy riches. (See related, “North American Natural Gas Seeks Markets Overseas.”)

That’s why National Geographic chose the seaport city of Vancouver for the latest in a series of roundtable events in its Great Energy Challenge initiative, sponsored by Shell. On March 25, we convened a diverse group of stakeholders on the issue—project backers, critics, academics, government officials, and First Nations representatives—to discuss what role natural gas should play in shaping a more sustainable energy future. (Read about our previous forums, Biofuels at a Crossroads, The Arctic: Science of Change, and Powering Our Urban Future: Spotlight on Turkey.)

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Barrier-Breaking $10 Cree LED Bulb Now Even More Affordable with Utility Rebates

DURHAM, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As part of its ongoing mission to drive 100 percent adoption of LED lighting, Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) has earned ENERGY STAR® qualification for the game-changing soft white Cree® LED Bulbs. ENERGY STAR qualification signifies these Cree LED Bulbs now qualify for incentive rebates through certain local utilities. Not only do the ENERGY STAR qualified Cree LED Bulbs look and light like traditional incandescent bulbs, use 84 percent less energy and last 25 times longer than typical incandescents, but now they will be even more affordable in select markets with utility rebates.

“ENERGY STAR qualification can enable the Cree LED Bulbs to be purchased with an instant utility rebate delivering consumers a quality LED bulb for under $5”

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GM’s Energy Stars: Bob Griffith, Spring Hill Manufacturing

All this week we will be recognizing GM employees from across the globe who helped the company achieve the U.S. ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry earlier this year. Without their diligence and commitment to the goal, we wouldn’t be able to tout the fact that 63 plants across the globe have reduced 1.6 million metric tons of CO2 respectively.

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GE helps to build sustainable infrastructure with Korean partners

GE Korea and its partners work together for a sustainable future.

“We are committed to learning, sharing and growing with partners and customers in Korea and around the globe,” stresses Chris Khang, president and CEO of GE Korea, emphasizing the importance of responding to the nation’s complex challenges through collaboration.

While Korea’s top priority of economic growth has led to rapid industrialization and urbanization, the nation is still facing challenges around economic prosperity and sustainable development. Under the new leadership of the country’s first female president, sworn into office in February 2013, the administration is addressing main economic challenges such as building stronger infrastructure, encouraging the growth of Korea’s small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs), and creating job opportunities.

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The True Cost of Renewable Energy: Less Than You Think

One of the common arguments against renewable energy is that it costs too much. A recent comparison of wholesale electricity prices shows that coal-generated power costs three cents a kilowatt-hour, new natural gas plants produce at six cents, wind power costs eight cents, and solar, 13 cents. But a recent Wall Street Journal analysis raises two important points that are changing those figures.

First, costs are falling, due to technological advances such as larger wind turbines and cheaper components for solar power arrays. The latest price data released by the Department of Energy finds that the price of wind-generated energy fell to four cents per kilowatt-hour, not counting the two-cent federal tax subsidy for that startup industry.

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Efforts Pay Off in Improving our Environmental Footprint

Today’s guest blog comes from Greg Spratt, advisor for Environmental Sustainability within Lilly’s Global Health, Safety, and Environmental. Greg is helping drive efforts to lesson Lilly’s environmental impact/footprint.

Thanks to the hard work of hundreds of people around the world dedicated to improving our energy efficiency and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, Lilly is proud to announce that the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has raised our C rating from last year to this year’s B rating.

The following programs are just a few of the key initiatives aimed at reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and increasing our energy efficiency that led to our overall improvement with the CDP:

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A Sustainable Energy Plan: What & Why

Creating a Sustainable Energy Plan is a simple, systematic way to examine, refine, and act on one of the most important aspects of a sustainable business. A plan lets you see where you are, decide what immediate positive changes your company can make, and create long-term practical and actionable goals.

Why create a plan specifically about energy?

Energy use is your most important environmental impact.

For many companies, if you draw a line around your operations – ignoring suppliers and ignoring physical products – your largest potential to do environmental harm comes from your company energy use. Your energy use includes electricity, employee travel, employee commuting and natural gas. And usually, they’re in that order from standpoint of environmental harm.

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Electric Vehicles International and PG&E to Unveil Utility Industry’s First Electric Hybrid Bucket Trucks in Stockton

September 18, 2013 /3BL Media/ -
WHAT:Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and Electric Vehicles International (EVI) will host a ceremony at EVI’s plant in Stockton, CA to unveil the utility industry’s first plug-in electric hybrid drivetrain Class 5 work trucks.
PG&E partnered with EVI and the California Energy Commission (CEC) to develop the Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV) utility truck which was designed, built and tested in the heart of California at EVI’s plant in Stockton. The REEV features an all-electric range of 45 miles and anticipated fuel savings of 30 percent when the units are operating in hybrid mode.
PG&E accepted delivery of the first two REEV units this summer, and purchased two additional units after a successful initial demonstration of the vehicles. PG&E estimates that each REEV truck will save the utility over 850 gallons of fuel per year. In addition, the vehicles are able to produce up to 75 kW of exportable power, which could be used to supply power to homes and businesses during power outages or in emergency response scenarios. Continue reading
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