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Caelus Releases GreenOffice

GreenOffice.001Need to Green your office?  We can help!

Need to green your office? Need to get your employees involved? Introducing GreenOffice ™, the perfect place to start.  GreenOffice ™ will give you a complete office greening plan, complete with tasks, metrics, schedule and advice on the best way to build your green team and influence employee’s habits.


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DW Morgan – On the Path to Becoming a Sustainability Leader

Pleasanton, Calif., April 29, 2014 /3BL Media/ - Transportation and logistics service provider D.W. Morgan (DW Morgan) recently completed a CurrentState sustainability audit and the findings were impressive.  “DW Morgan is on the path to becoming a true sustainability leader in their industry,” commented Anthony Gilbreath, a sustainability specialist at CRG Sustainable Solutions. “The audit results revealed they have many sustainability initiatives in place and ambitious plans for the future.”

CurrentState™ is a sustainability audit designed to help organizations understand how they can improve sustainability performance across all their operations. It is a ‘best practices gap analysis’ and a ‘business practices maturity analysis’ combined into one tool.  Once completed, the client receives a Findings Report that contains quick win opportunities, recommendations and analysis across over 20 different sustainability categories.  The report provides a comprehensive list of specific tasks that need to completed in order to excel in sustainability. Continue reading

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Nexant Research Aids IEA’s International Review of Energy Efficiency Programs

WASHINGTON–()–The International Energy Agency (IEA) has recently released its report on global energy efficiency programs implemented by energy providers, relying on survey findings and analysis provided by Nexant. In conjunction with the report’s release, Nexant Vice-President Peter du Pont presented a review of the programs at the June 2013 Asia Clean Energy Forum at the Asian Development Bank in Manila.

The report, Energy Provider-Delivered Energy Efficiency: A global stock-taking based on case studies, provides a valuable window into the methods energy providers are using to design and deliver energy savings programs internationally. Continue reading

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Wells Fargo Announces Record $6.4 Billion in Environmental Financing in 2012

SAN FRANCISCO–()–Continuing to accelerate its support for a green economy, Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) announced today it provided $6.4 billion in loans and investments in 2012 to businesses and projects with a direct positive impact on the environment. This marks the company’s first environmental financing update since announcing last year an expanded commitment to provide an additional $30 billion by 2020. Wells Fargo made its initial environmental financing commitment in 2005, and through 2011 the company provided $11.7 billion in loans and investments and more than $3.1 billion in additional financial services. Together, with today’s record announcement of $6.4 billion, Wells Fargo has financed more than $21 billion for green businesses, green buildings, and clean energy customers since 2005.

“Wells Fargo has long recognized this opportunity and we remain committed to supporting our customers who are leading the way in creating a more sustainable future.”

According to its latest Environmental Finance Report, released today, Wells Fargo continued to increase its support for clean energy and green buildings in 2012. The company invested more than $500 million of tax equity in wind and solar projects, bringing its total to $2 billion for wind assets and more than $1 billion for solar projects across 29 states. Renewable energy systems in Wells Fargo’s portfolio of over 300 projects produced approximately 16 terawatt-hours of electricity in 2012 – enough to power 1.2 million homes for one year. In addition, the company provided $3.1 billion for LEED®-certified buildings, $180 million toward Brownfield redevelopment projects and more than $700 million toward ENERGY STAR-certified properties. Wells Fargo also provided $900 million in loans and investments benefitting low-income communities or housing projects. Continue reading

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Commercial Building Energy Storage Systems Revenue Will Surpass $7.5 Billion Annually by 2022

BOULDER, Colo.–()–The market for energy storage in commercial buildings is nascent and developing. Although one segment, energy storage systems for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, is mature, the business models for the other two segments within this market – electrical energy storage (EES) systems and thermal energy storage (TES) systems – are still evolving. According to a recent report from Navigant Research, annual revenue from energy storage systems for commercial buildings will grow from $3.9 billion in 2013 to more than $7.5 billion in 2022.

“Today, there is less than 10 gigawatt-hours of cumulative energy storage capacity represented by all commercial building systems, and the vast majority of that capacity is frozen behind meters in UPS systems that are rarely, if ever, called upon”

“Today, there is less than 10 gigawatt-hours of cumulative energy storage capacity represented by all commercial building systems, and the vast majority of that capacity is frozen behind meters in UPS systems that are rarely, if ever, called upon,” says Sam Jaffe, senior research analyst with Navigant Research. “By 2022, such systems will represent a global cumulative capacity of more than 30 gigawatt-hours, most of which will be interacting with the power grids throughout the world on a daily basis.” Continue reading

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Groupon Grassroots Launches International Environmental Campaign with WWF

CHICAGO–()–Today Groupon Grassroots (grassroots.groupon.com), Groupon’s (NASDAQ: GRPN) leading social innovation program, is partnering with WWF to globally address a common cause – the environment – by launching more than 20 campaigns around the world. The expansion of Groupon Grassroots will enable people everywhere to discover local causes, rally together and lend a helping hand; you can find all of the participating countries and contribute here: www.groupon.com/wwf.

“Groupon’s massive international presence allows us to unify this mission globally, and kicking it off with WWF promises to have a spectacular impact.”

Campaigns will be tailored by region and local needs; the US campaign is focused on saving black-tailed prairie dogs (at http://www.groupon.com/deals/world-wildlife-fund-1), and those around the world will span a variety of initiatives, including: Amazon preservation, Mediterranean beach cleanup and protecting animals such as turtles on the Great Barrier Reef, seals, bears and jaguars (along with their habitats). Continue reading

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Consumers Go From Boycott to Buycott

buycottIn today’s continuously connected world, companies might find it difficult to keep their CSR “dirty laundry” secret for very long. Technology is making it even easier to find out what’s really behind the products we buy and with 78 percent of Americans willing to stop buying products with misleading environmental claims, the stakes for companies to not only behave responsibly, but communicate transparently, have never been higher.

The newest development in a slew of transparency-related apps is Buycott, an app that empowers consumers to purchase brands that share their personal values. The app’s website explains, “With Buycott, a campaign can be quickly created around a cause, with the goal of targeting companies with a boycott unless they change their position, or buycotting a company to show your support.”

To read more on Cone’s Prove Your Purpose blog, please click here.

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GM Turns Corporate Lands into Refuge for Wildlife

DETROIT, April 22, 2013 /3BL Media/ — General Motors is transforming corporate lands at its global facilities into tailored areas for wildlife habitats.

Together with the Wildlife Habitat Council, dozens of companies, including GM, are foregoing cement buildings for a different sort of structure: the kind that house animals.

“We strive to increase biodiversity around the world at our facilities, and we have 25 habitats certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council,” said Sue Kelsey, GM biodiversity program manager. “Within these sites, 16 percent of the land mass is actively managed as wildlife habitat.” Continue reading

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