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Baxter’s Fifteenth Sustainability Report Highlights Commitment to Innovative Programs and Sustainable Design

DEERFIELD, Ill., June 25, 2014 /3BL Media/ – Baxter International Inc. (NYSE: BAX) today issued its 15th annual Sustainability Report, available at http://sustainability.baxter.com, detailing the company’s progress creating social, environmental and economic value by addressing the needs of stakeholders worldwide.

“Baxter’s vitality as a healthcare enterprise, and our ability to deliver on our commitments to our stakeholders, depends on our embrace of the new,” said Robert L. Parkinson, Jr., Baxter’s chairman and chief executive officer. “This includes not only the scientific innovations that define our service to patients and caretakers; it also encompasses new ways of doing business that advance our goals as a publicly traded company and global corporate citizen.” Continue reading

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Green Tips to Avoid Insecticides – by Anthony Gilbreath

GYHThe following tips are from “The Ultimate Guide to Greening your Home“.

78 million households in the U.S. use home and garden pesticides. Suburban lawns and gardens receive more pesticide applications per acre (3.2-9.8 lbs) than agriculture (2.7 lbs per acre on average).

Insecticides are poisons designed to kill insects. Insecticides include active ingredients (chemical compounds designed to kill the target organisms) and inert ingredients which may be carcinogens or toxic substances. They also include rodenticides and wood preservatives.

By following the tips below, you can reduce the effect of insecticides on your health and the environment.

✔ Understand the dangers of insecticides – Insecticides are very toxic and can pose a direct threat to human health. They can be absorbed through the skin, swallowed or inhaled (most toxic). People and pets can also track insecticide residue into the house.  They have been linked to the following health problems: increased risk of leukemia cancers; increase in spontaneous abortions; decreased fertility; liver and pancreatic damage; neuropathy; disturbances to immune systems (asthma/ allergies) and many others. Continue reading

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Growing Eco-Stewardship

All over the world, Goldcorp conducts business with utmost respect for people and the planet. Across our operations in central Mexico, communities have benefitted from jobs, career training, health services, education, social programs and more, for a legacy of opportunity long after the mine lifecycle. Equal care is given to protect and preserve precious resources, habitat and ecosystems.

At our Camino Rojo project near Peñasquito mine, Goldcorp is surveying indigenous plants and wildlife for environmental baseline studies to inform reclamation planning and minimize impact before, during and after mining operations. In collaboration with the Mexican government, the studies also include biodiversity planning and reporting, as well as physical and chemical analysis.

With exploration underway at Camino Rojo, native plants are being relocated to the Peñasquito nursery, specially built several years ago when Goldcorp undertook one of Mexico’s largest conservation efforts. Employees transplanted 559,499 cacti and native plants, each tagged with GPS technology for precision care during the mining cycle and exact replacement afterward, achieving an impressive 96% survival rate. Continue reading

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Green Tips for Spring Cleaning – by Anthony Gilbreath


The following is an excerpt from the book “The Ultimate Guide to Greening your Home”.

✔ Find and replace the toxic products in your home - Under almost everyones kitchen sink is a collection of toxic chemicals in the form of bug killer, disinfectants, furniture polishes, and many others. When you are using these products, you are bathing your home in poisons, which eventually could have a negative impact on your family’s health. In addition, household poisonings are one of the highest threats to the health of children. Spring is the perfect time to get rid of these.

An excellent first step in greening your house is to grab a notepad and a garbage bag. Go around to all the cabinets that store household chemicals and take a look at their labels. If it says poison, danger, warning or caution on the can or box, write down what function it performs and throw the unused portion in the garbage bag (if it is sealed tightly). When finished, seal the bag, put it in a well ventilated area (such as outside or in a garage) and look up when the next Household Hazardous Pickup Day is in your neighborhood. Continue reading

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CRG Sustainable Solutions Leads by Example through Carbonfree® Business Partnership

jjFrom CarbonFund.org – Our newest Carbonfree® Business Partner, CRG Sustainable Solutions (CRGss) of Memphis, Tennessee, spends each day helping their client organizations create innovative and long-term sustainable business practices.  According to the CRGss website, “Sustainability is about the resources we use every day, and the future that each of us will face. The fate of our earth is up to each of us individually, so every choice we make, we should have tomorrow in mind.”

CRGss was attracted to the Carbonfree® Business Partnership program as a simple, affordable step they could take as an organization to enhance their own operational sustainability. By neutralizing their estimated annual carbon emissions from general business operations, CRGss is leading in the same area of sustainability on which it advises and guides its clients.    Continue reading

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DW Morgan – On the Path to Becoming a Sustainability Leader

Pleasanton, Calif., April 29, 2014 /3BL Media/ - Transportation and logistics service provider D.W. Morgan (DW Morgan) recently completed a CurrentState sustainability audit and the findings were impressive.  “DW Morgan is on the path to becoming a true sustainability leader in their industry,” commented Anthony Gilbreath, a sustainability specialist at CRG Sustainable Solutions. “The audit results revealed they have many sustainability initiatives in place and ambitious plans for the future.”

CurrentState™ is a sustainability audit designed to help organizations understand how they can improve sustainability performance across all their operations. It is a ‘best practices gap analysis’ and a ‘business practices maturity analysis’ combined into one tool.  Once completed, the client receives a Findings Report that contains quick win opportunities, recommendations and analysis across over 20 different sustainability categories.  The report provides a comprehensive list of specific tasks that need to completed in order to excel in sustainability. Continue reading

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Goldcorp AGM 2014

In keeping with the theme “One Company, Thousands of Stories,” we asked each of our mines and projects to create a scrapbook that reflects how Goldcorp cares for our People, Our Planet and Our Communities. We are proud to share these stories – created by many people in many places — with you here today.

The care and creativity that went into these storybooks reflects the passion, care and creativity our people display every day, in a thousand different ways, to create the thousands of stories that lead to the same conclusion: everywhere we do business, we’re committed to responsible environmental stewardship, operational excellence and our vision “Together, Creating Sustainable Value”. Continue reading

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The Long Beach Public Library Receives New Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades from Winthrop-University Hospital

April 5, 2014 /3BL Media/ – Thanks to generous financial support from Winthrop-University Hospital and in partnership with CBS EcoMedia, The Long Beach Library’s Point Lookout Branch and The Long Beach Public Library will benefit from energy-efficient lighting upgrades.

The lighting retrofit will enhance the overall appearance of both libraries, reduce energy usage and electric costs, and ultimately save taxpayers money. The funding for the lighting upgrades was a part of Winthrop-University Hospital’s EcoAd advertising on CBS, a program which enables advertisers to support community projects across the nation.

This morning a special celebration kicked off the partnership at The Long Beach Library’s Point Lookout Branch. Notable guests included J. Edmund Keating, Vice President of Marketing, Advertising and Public Affairs, Winthrop-University Hospital; Paul Polizzotto, President and Founder, CBS EcoMedia; George Trepp, Director, Long Beach Public Library. Continue reading

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