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Climate Change and Its Toll on Latin America

Climate change is taking its toll everywhere on the planet. Its impact can be clearly seen in Latin America, which has sixty major cities situated along the coast where these urban areas are very vulnerable to rising sea levels. Plus, there are millions of people who depend on rivers fed by the Andean glaciers, yet face the extreme likelihood that their primary water source may disappear within the next 15 to 25 years.

The consequences of these changes are likely to be so great they will become one of the global community’s defining challenges. That’s why scientists, along with 200 leaders from across government agencies, private sector, academic organisations and civil society from Latin America, Central America, the Caribbean and the U.S came together recently for a two-day conference. They engaged to discuss the impacts of droughts and floods on urban water infrastructure and the urgent need for creating resilient cities. Top leaders from the Inter-American Development Bank, Organisation of American States and the U.S. State Department shared their insight and expertise. Continue reading

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