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CA Technologies Named a Leader in Groom Energy’s Guide for Carbon Accounting Software

ISLANDIA, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) today announced that it has been named a leader in the Groom Energy Solutions report, titled “2013 Buyer’s Guide for Enterprise Carbon Accounting and Sustainability Software.”

The report analyzes the market for carbon management and sustainability software as a stand-alone product or as a module of an environmental health and safety (EHS)/ enterprise resource planning (ERP) or energy management suite and provides prospective buyers with a vendor market update. The selection criteria were based on the number of customer deployments, technology features, sales momentum, market vision and financial stability.

The report said CA Technologies has secured a number of large, high-profile customers and has “strong offerings for sustainability and energy management.”

“The market for Enterprise Carbon Accounting and Sustainability software continues to mature and companies are looking for financially-viable vendors with world-class products and a strong customer base,” said Paul Baier, report author and vice president, sustainability research, Groom Energy. “Based on our research and customer references, we concluded that CA ecoSoftware is a leading carbon and sustainability management product which has tremendous flexibility and links to energy management.” Continue reading

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Hershey Company Is a Socially Responsible Company

The Hershey Company famous for its chocolate, producing some of the best, loved chocolate bars in the world, is also fast becoming known for being a socially responsible company. It recently issued its second Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report entitled, ” “Listen. Learn. Act.” It outlines the brand’s commitment to look after the planet while doing business. James Nevels, Chairman at Hershey’s, says, “The issues that we are addressing—such as human rights, climate change and resource scarcity—are global in scope and complex in nature.  They require that we listen, learn and act.”

The Hershey CSR report clearly shows how the company has met or exceeded nearly all of its environmental goals between 2009 and 2011, and now, Hershey wants to do more.  It has set out even more ambitious goals to achieve by the end of 2015. One of Hershey’s key achievements is its Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWL) at two of its facilities by 2011, exceeding its 2012 goal. Continue reading

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Koch Brothers front group Heartland Institute Ends Experiment with ‘Unabomber’ Global Warming Billboard

It is sometimes difficult to explain to people that live outside the United States why the question of ‘Global Warming’ is still being debated there.  The fact that the earth is warming is pretty obvious for anyone with the ability to count. However, for anyone that has been exposed to more than a couple hours of US television, welcome to the twilight zone.  Pro fossil-fuel organizations spend hundreds of millions of dollars on TV ads which distort energy issue beyond recognition.

On American TV coal is clean, natural gas doesn’t have any environmental side effects at all and domestic fossil fuel production is the ONLY path to future prosperity.  The scientists at the big oil companies are also nature’s very best friends.  It is a wonderful and harmonious world.

One of the organizations at the forefront of this culture of disinformation is the Heartland Institute.  In short, they are an organization that corporations go to, pay money and in exchange they get a bogus ‘scientific’ report that say basically whatever they want it to say.  This report will then be touted as something ‘scientific’ and pumped out to the media.  Propaganda to order – Stalin would be impressed.  Major funders – Koch Industries. Continue reading

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carboNZero Holdings Becomes the First Non-UK Company to Provide PAS 2050 Certification

AUCKLAND, New Zealand–(BUSINESS WIRE)–carboNZero Holdings, the world’s leading greenhouse gas (GHG) certification company today announces that is has become the first non-UK company to provide accredited certification for product carbon footprints under British Standard Institute’s (BSI) PAS 2050. carboNZero Holdings’ adoption of PAS 2050 as the standard for product carbon footprinting will arm its clients with a competitive edge in securing favourable recognition among their customers and promote ease of entry into the UK market.

“Clients of carboNZero Holdings are utilising CEMARS and carboNZero certification to not only ‘walk the talk’ with respect to their environmental claims, but also to clearly differentiate themselves from competitors with internationally recognised standards in measuring, managing, and reducing or offsetting their carbon emissions”
“We are pleased to reach this major milestone at carboNZero Holdings. Our product certification offerings, now in accordance with PAS 2050 guidelines ensures our clients are in parallel with international best practise so that organisations can extend the scope of their carbon footprints to include the impact of goods and services they produce”, said carboNZero Holdings Technical General Manager, Ann Smith. Continue reading

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Citi to Purchase 1.17 Million Tonnes of Carbon Credits

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a deal that combines microloans in Mongolia with the sale of carbon credits on the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), Citi’s London-based Environmental Products Trading and Origination team, working with Citi Microfinance, has agreed to purchase 1.17 million metric tonnes of carbon credits over the next seven years from Seattle-based social enterprise MicroEnergy Credits. The carbon credits will be generated by capturing reductions of greenhouse gas emissions following the installation of more efficient household insulation and heating fixtures in Ulaanbaatar, the capital and largest city in Mongolia. The purchase and installation of the fixtures will be funded through microloans from Mongolia’s XacBank.

“Under this arrangement, we are implementing an innovative market-based strategy to tackle real challenges faced by developing countries.”

Under the arrangement, a XacBank customer will purchase an energy efficient stove or home insulation products like a “ger blanket,” which covers a ger, the traditional and ubiquitous Mongolian portable tent-like structures in which more than one quarter of the Ulaanbaatar population lives. Gers are traditionally under-insulated and heated by inefficient coal-burning stoves that contribute to Ulaanbaatar’s especially severe air pollution. Ger blankets greatly increase heat retention, and, like energy efficient stoves, lower the rate of fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Continue reading

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Iceland Offers Data Centers the Most Competitive Power Prices in Europe

REYKJAVIK, Iceland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Landsvirkjun, Iceland’s national power company has announced its aim to power 1% of the European datacenter industry with electricity from renewable hydroelectric and geothermal sources by the year 2020. The estimated electric energy needed to achieve this target is around 1.5 TWh, about 10% of the company´s current generation. The ambition is based on Iceland´s ample renewable power development opportunities and the fact that the country has been attracting considerable datacenter industry investment drawn by the compelling power proposition, solid infrastructure, and world-class business environment.

“Iceland offers differentiating economic advantages with the most competitive power prices in Europe, a commitment to long term contracts and reliable renewable energy. This makes it particularly attractive for international sustainable business development, especially in sectors such as datacenters where value is attached with being green and secure.”

Landsvirkjun´s power proposition is to provide the most competitive energy prices in Europe. Recent public quotes from the company offer fixed real rates of $43/MWh in 12 year contracts. In comparison, European average real market rates were from $65/MWh in 2011 on short term contracts with prices expected to increase considerably over the coming decade. In addition, Iceland’s power is 100% renewable from hydro and geothermal sources and the quality of delivery has recently been singled out by the World Economic Forum as being among the top three in the world. Continue reading

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ConAgra Foods Program Saves Nearly 300 Million Gallons of Water, Eliminates 61,000 Tons of Waste, and Reduces Carbon Emissions

(3BL Media) Omaha, NE – April 11, 2012 – ConAgra Foods, Inc., (NYSE: CAG) announced today the winners of its 2012 Sustainable Development Awards, an internal awards program intended to drive and reward innovative approaches to sustainability that produce tangible business results. The more than 100 entries collectively:

  • reduced carbon emissions by more than 43,600 metric tonnes;
  • eliminated 61,000 tons of landfill waste and 4,800 tons of packaging material;
  • and conserved 295 million gallons of water.

Additionally, the projects delivered more than $28 million in savings, demonstrating the economic value of the company’s commitment to sustainable development.

ConAgra Foods started the Sustainable Development Awards in 1992 to encourage and incentivize employees to proactively look for ways to eliminate waste, reduce energy and conserve water through smart design. Winning teams are awarded a $5,000 grant from ConAgra Foods to apply toward a sustainable community service project. Continue reading

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Solazyme and Bunge Announce Oil Production Facility in Brazil

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. & WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Solazyme, Inc. (NASDAQ: SZYM) (“Solazyme”), a renewable oil and bioproducts company, and Bunge Global Innovation LLC (“Bunge”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bunge Limited (NYSE: BG), a global agribusiness and food company, announced today that they and other Bunge subsidiaries have signed definitive agreements forming a Joint Venture (“JV”) to build, own and operate a commercial-scale renewable tailored oils production facility adjacent to Bunge’s Moema sugarcane mill in Brazil. The JV, which will operate under the name Solazyme Bunge Produtos Renováveis Ltda., will have an expected annual production capacity of 100,000 metric tons of oil. The facility will utilize Solazyme’s renewable tailored oil production technology, coupled with Bunge’s sugarcane supply and processing capabilities, to produce sustainable tailored triglyceride oils for use in oleochemical and fuel applications in the Brazilian domestic market. Financial terms of the agreements were not disclosed. Continue reading

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