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How Smartphones and Carpooling Have Changed the Way We Travel

carpooling.co.uk Releases New Android App 

With a forecast of 80 billion connected devices by 2020,1 smartphones have profoundly impacted the way we travel. Empowered by this rise in connectivity, new innovative mobility solutions have emerged – allowing travelers to access flexible transport services anytime and from any location. It gives everyone the chance to find the most environmentally friendly option at the click of a button.

U.K. car sharing platform has announced the launch of its new Android app today, which is available for free download in 6 languages through the carpooling.com network. Building upon the success of the company’s existing mobile portfolio, version 2.0 of the Android app connects drivers who are looking to reduce their commuting costs with people looking for affordable transport options. The new features of the carpooling mobile app include a booking system (allowing passengers to book a seat in someone’s car the same way they would book a flight or train ticket), the option of online payment through PayPal, a free messaging system and greater access to additional information such as past ratings and profile pictures.  Continue reading

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The Top European Cities for Carpooling

How does your city rank?

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Carpooling.co.uk’s new iPhone app makes green transport via carpooling even easier!

10th May 2012 – Often lack of convenience or ease of use is cited as the reason people are unwilling to adapt to a greener lifestyle.  Carpooling.co.uk are continuing to reduce the obstacles to easily find someone suitable to carpool with as they release their new iPhone app.

The app boasts new features including a booking system allowing users to see how many seats are still available and with a few clicks, the option to book a seat in the vehicle. There is also the additional option for people who chose, to use the booking system to now request and make payment for their trip through Paypal. This gives users the added security of knowing their payment is secure and reliable. Users also have greater access to additional information such as user ratings and profile pictures through the app.

The app allows full access to the 650,000 carpools available in the www.carpooling.co.uk network and includes the new booking and online payment system providing added transparency and reliability in arranging carpools. Using the iPhone app allows people to organize alternative, sustainable transport spontaneously, on-the-go. “In the past, finding suitable people to carpool with has been a challenge but our iPhone app allows people to access available carpools while on the move,”[1] says Markus Barnikel, CEO of carpooling.com. “In terms of car sharing, we are noticing that more and more people are using our smartphone apps to book their trips because of the convenience and ease of use. Our iPhone and Android apps have been downloaded almost 400,000 times. People are clearly more mobile today than ever before and are increasingly demanding travel options that are convenient, affordable and sustainable.”   Continue reading

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Carpooling User Profile from Carpooling.com (Infographic)

A fantastic infographic from carpooling.com that breaks down the demographic profile of who is carpooling. Continue reading

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