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What Happens When Water Wells Work Together?

By Margaret Martens SOURCE: Xylem Inc. DESCRIPTION: Powerful things can happen when the water well industry works together, and this was apparent when the Water Well Trust (WWT) partnered with industry organizations to bring safe water supplies to rural Americans in need. In the past three years, th... Read more

Here Comes the Sun

Hormel Foods continues to expand its use of renewable energy sources SOURCE: Hormel Foods Corporation DESCRIPTION: By Nevin Martell The sun is rising over a new era at Hormel Foods — in more ways than one. That’s because the company is increasingly relying on solar power as an environmentally friend... Read more

Evaluation and Impact Measurement in the Social Economy

SOURCE: SiMPACT Strategy Group DESCRIPTION: This webinar will give an overview of a three year project conducted by TIESS and its partners on evaluation and impact measurement for the social economy (2016-2019). It will focus on the Quebec context, the approach chosen by TIESS to carry out this work... Read more

Thinking About the Value of Purpose

SOURCE: SiMPACT Strategy Group DESCRIPTION: By: Stephanie Robertson I’m often asked about what prompted my journey into social impact measurement. As the founder of SiMPACT Strategy Group and Chair of Social Value Canada (SVC), I’ve simply always been fascinated by the challenge of valui... Read more

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